Monday, February 26, 2007

A survey by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg planning Dept
This sure doesn't have a lot to do with libraries but I took the survey and you should too. Got some opinions on how Charlotte is being developed? Tell the yokels in charge at the survey link to here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bloggin' at the 'brary

I am currently working with two library employees to evelauate and and recommend changes to the library's family of websites. If you go to the library's page and see that little star next to the link that allows you to give your opinion on the page you are viewing you are seeing one of our suggestions already in action.

I was thinking today that I would like to see the library link to blogs written by library employees. You could link from somewhere in the page to any employee's blog where that blog is specifically designed to deal with issues that someone viewing a library webpage would be interested in. You know, books and libraries. For example, I have a personal blog and I have a blog I use to communicate with my teen writers group. I sometimes cross post when I am blogging about something I want to share with both my audiences. I, and others, could do the same thing with our personal and library-related blog, when a post is writing/reading related it could be posted to both blogs. And, of course that library-related blog would be linked to from the library's website. I think that will be one of my suggestions. I'll even volunteer to monitor the page and add and delete blogs as needed.