Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wiki Sandbox

I started the voting for the green anole in favorite pets. It looks like they won in a landslide. Go green anoles! I had fun with the Wiki sandbox. It looks like more than a couple of people returned and kept playing with it. By adding fake votes to the green anoles I started a fun competition with the dog and cat people. It was like tagging a wall with a gang sign.

Online productivity

I've been using Writely.com for a while now and it's been bought out by Google and is now known as Google documents. There still are some bugs to work out in the word processing program but it is nice to be able to access my work from anywhere and not have to worry about losing my flash drive or discs.

Video websites

I've been messing around with Youtube for over a year now. One of my favorite searches to do is plugging in the word NASCAR along with the name of the track they raced at most recently. You can always find a video or two made by fans in the stands and these videos give you a completely different perspective than the view you get from network television. If you do this search be sure to sort by dated added.

Net Library

I am currently downloading "God Wills it" a book about the crusades. I've done some searching before but I have never actually attempted to download a title. I am still more than a little disappointed that I can't get these titles in mp3 format so I can put them on my Ipod. Maybe someday?

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