Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More reading

Well, I finally finished Rabbit Redux over the holiday. A long trip to Michigan for a funeral and a day of recovery followed by a holiday party really took away from my reading. I guess I could have read during that day of rest after the long road trip but I just didn't.

These two books concerning the character named Rabbit have been interesting reads. There is good bit of hopelessness and hopefulness that pervdades these novels. Much as it was in the novel Terrorist. To me that is what seperates truly great writing from what is merely good and entertaining, the ability to conjure up the depression and the joys of life as experienced by everyone that has ever lived. The mistakes we stupidly make, the people we've hurt, those that hurt us. He shows that hurt and how we can recover from even the worst of it.

The only problem I had with Rabbit Redux was some of the profanity, especially when used in reference to women and sexual situations. It seemed forced and unnatural. Almost like he was doing what he could to bring such profanity into a literary novel. In doing that he may have seemed daring at the time but now it just comes off as awkward.

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