Friday, July 20, 2007

Closed again

It looks like we are closed again today. Yesterday we closed at 4 pm because of fumes due to the roof construction. This last few weeks have been an inconvenience to staff and library users alike. We are all hoping they finish that roof before Christmas.

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Manoj said...

I am one of the regulars who have been inconvenienced because of these unannounced closures - at least 3 times in the last month or two. So, may I suggest a few things you can do to help users like me:
1) Keep the return boxes open. Even if it means one of the staff coming from another branch to clear it a couple of times a day. It is still better than making dozens of users go in search of the closest branch to return stuff without fine.
2) Have a clearer voice message on the phone. When I call the Morrison number listed on the website, I get a vague message about regular hours, and had to call the Main library to see if Morrison is open or not.
3) Please post these closings on the website - just one line saying it is closed - the Home page or at least the main page of the branch.
4) And lastly, please post an explanation, both on the site and at the library, about what exactly is going on. I think the library users and taxpayers who have been repeatedly inconvenienced deserve a better explanation than that given by the single page announcements stuck on the door.