Monday, August 28, 2006


So this week we are doing Bloglines. I love Bloglines. Before I took Helene's class a couple of months back I was using Google's personalized webpage. I was unhappy with how it worked and was thrilled to see how you could personalize the categories in Bloglines. Before that I had messed around with but that site stressed reading blogs and I stopped going to it after a while. Was I ahead of the curve? We'll let history decide. My conclusion? Bloglines is the bomb. It's an incredible time saver and allows you to waste time on the Internets twice as effectively.

Along this line I would also recommend I use my account here to bookmark sites that don't have a useful RSS feed. I was initially using Delicious for this but I didn't like how Delicious didn't allow you to personalize your websites. It ordered them by either popularity or date added. How unuseful is that?

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