Sunday, August 13, 2006

Myspace and the kids

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the West Blvd branch. They were short staffed so I was covering. They put me in their computer lab and the desk I sat at is in the middle of the room with most of the computers' screens facing me. I was in there for two hours and I logged in seven to ten teenagers and ever single teen that came in there checked their Myspace account before they did anything else. Amazing.


Ian said...

I'm curiously unsurprised.

The thing you check when you first get on the computer is the place you're most expecting mail, news, or info. For me, it's my email account. For someone who lives in Myspace-land, it's probably their Myspace account.

Myspace, for all its flaws, represents the democratization of social networking. It's not just that anyone can get a Myspace account, it's that almost everyone already has one.

Kimberly said...

And just like everyone having a television - all the creativity and originality is being sucked out of their heads.

Salad Days said...

I don't know about that (creativity being sucked out of their heads). There's some pretty creative stuff being done on social networking sites. Unlike television, which is, for the most part, about passive consuming.

The Web 2.0 skills users are picking up now while "playing" are undoubtedly going to be core competencies in their jobs five or ten years from now.

Melanie said...

Ok, I got on myspace because of a 16 year old page (that's what they call them in Gaston County Lib) that kept nagging me to create an account. I only put real friends (i.e. people I know) as my friends on myspace and its easy to keep up with the 40 people I have on there! Some people use myspace as a tool and others let it use them. Kind of like everything else in life. :)

Ed said...

I happen to like myspace. I have my own account and find an old high school friend and we've exchanged emails which was real nice.