Monday, September 11, 2006

The Big Madden Tournament

This Saturday we had our big Madden football tournament on the Xbox. I had 11 total participants and I even joined in to make it an even twelve. We had three Xbox's going so the twelve of us were able to complete the tourney is just a couple of hours. If you are wondering how I did, I lost in the first round on the last play of the game. I was trying to the tie the game and send it into overtime and my wide receiver was tackled on the one yard line. Football is heartbreaker.

We played with a basic tournament bracket with one loss putting you out. We used 4-minute quarters and used an unofficial mercy rule if a game was too out of hand and other games in that round we over. I only had to call one game due to time consideration. In Madden if a team falls behind and has to start passing the contest can go on forever because each incomplete pass stops the game clock. If that player is really bad then it can become a nightmare.

About three guys who signed up arrived an hour after we started and I couldn't work them into the bracket. That's too bad because 16 players would have been perfect. At least everyone who showed up was able to get some free play in after the tournament shook out and one of the three Xboxes opened up for practice and free play. No one left disappointed.

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