Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Playing with tags

OK, I am going to try tagging my post. Is there an easier way than using this html code? I really don't want to have to memoize any more code. Ever.

Just for an example: I like Primus. They are one of my favorite bands. Do you like Primus?

Delicious (not so)

I tried Delicious a couple of months ago and I wasn't too fond of it. I found that you couldn't arrange your links alphabetically and was told about and immediately switched over to that site. Helene mentioned that people might like Delicious because of the social networking aspect of it. Not being a big user of sites like Myspace that has never been a concern of mine. I like to be able to arrange my content the way I like it.


Ian said...

I love Primus. I like Primus so much I met my wife on a Primus message board.

Ian said...

If you weren't on a library computer, I'd suggest the Blogger Tag Adder