Friday, September 15, 2006

Living Room 2.0?

This post about the upcoming innovations from Apple is very intriguing.

This got me thinking about Myspace. I have a feeling that Myspace is going to be very short lived. I am actually a little surprised that it hasn't been usurped by by instant messengers. Why not have have an instant messenger that has the ability to network like Myspace? Once instant messengers become interconnecting and friend lists interlink then who in the heck needs Myspace? You would think social networking could become decentralized pretty easily in a way similar to bit torrent technology.

That's another reason that bill that went through the house of representatives in late July is so silly. Any website that requires you to create a username is essentially a social networking website. I guess you can slam any bill through our congress if you declare that you are a patriot or that you are protecting children. All that bill really is is a reaction to Myspace. Teens have been networking on the internet since they first got on. Myspace just did it right.

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